July 31, 2014

What's the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana? | TIS

Although both “hemp” and “marijuana” as we know them are from the same genus, Cannabis, they are also part of the same species, Cannabis sativa. The scientific difference between what we refer to as hemp and marijuana

Uruguay Will Kick-Off Legal Cannabis Sales In October 2014 …

Indeed, while some countries do authorize medicinal cannabis, and while some American states have been making the same movement of peace towards the multi-purpose plant, Uruguay will soon be the first country to sell

Hemp production underway in Kentucky | Weed Blog

BURLINGTON, KY (FOX19) -. The University of Kentucky has launched its industrial hemp pilot program aimed at restoring industrial hemp production. For those that may not know, Hemp is the same plant species as

Delaware lawmaker wants hemp research | Weed Blog

The benefits of hemp have long been touted by marijuana advocates as a material for fabric, fuel, and even for water purification. But the connection between hemp and marijuana- they belong to the same genus (cannabis),

Dozens Of Washington Cannabis Licenses Issued To Growers And …

At least 35 cannabis growers have already been issued their licenses, and about the same amount of licenses have been issued for cannabis processors.

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Dozens Of Washington Cannabis Licenses Issued To Growers And …

Cannabis The Most Medicinal Plant on the Planet: Nicknamed …

Medical Cannabis/Mary Jane is very different than Industrial Cannabis aka; Hemp, yet they are of the same family. They are both from the botanical genus 'Cannabis' but one is bred for [Medicinal/Recreational containing

Green Hemp Açaí Bowl & The Juice Generation Cookbook Giveaway

Breakfast #2 is my green goop and I have eating the same thing for the past year: cooked oatmeal, hemp protein powder with some flax and chia seeds. Everything is ready to go in the morning. Once I get to work, I add some

Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) First Quarter Sets Company Revenue Record …

Earlier today, Hemp, Inc. released it's sales number for the first quarter of 2014. After an outstanding end of 2013, many expected a good first quarter, but an increase of 1182% over the the same period of time of last year was

Hemp, Inc. Reports 26% Increase in 3rd Quarter Revenue Over 2nd Quarter 2013

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) today announced third quarter 2013 income of $673,588, a 26% increase over the 2 nd  quarter and a 21,244% increase over the same quarter …

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Hemp, Inc. Reports 26% Increase in 3rd Quarter Revenue Over 2nd Quarter 2013

Marijuana v. Cannabis » AZ Dept. of Health Services Director's Blog

Are Marijuana and Cannabis the same thing when it comes to Arizona Law? The short answer is no- and the distinction may be an important one for Qualified Patients. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act provides registry

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